What it is:

     Intuitive painting is a powerful creative practice that invites you to be fully present to the moment, to embrace, and to work with, what shows up. The process courts your inner potential for being comfortable with “not knowing” and allowing the Universe to speak to you. It’s about trusting that you have resources and wisdom available to you at any time.

     It’s about the process that happens while engaging with the painting and not the end product. Thus those with no painting experience as well as accomplished artists can equally participate.  It’s about practicing being in the Now. The purpose is to get out of your head and consciously embody the energy seeking expression through you.

     It’s about expanding and deepening your intuitive awareness through practicing “not knowing” and allowing the brush to speak.  Don’t paint with an end result in mind – paint to allow creativity to unfold and to be expressed: to tap into that invisible energy desiring expression: to grow and expand Soul: to be Creativity incarnate: to become comfortable allowing Beauty to be revealed without being critical of her or  being attached to having her look a certain way.

     In this way, the process is more a spiritual practice than an art practice. It is a practice of going within and receiving from the Universe that which is seeking expression and healing through you⎯a deep listening, a meditation, with a brush in hand. This is an active form of spiritual practice, one that engages the body as ally and uses color, line, form, and image to interact, to dialogue on a deeper level and to tap into the innate wisdom already inside you. Through this practice you intimately learn to trust that wisdom, to trust the Life force moving through, to trust Life.

     Through this practice you deepen your relationship with your intuition. You learn to really listen, to notice where, and how, it shows up in your body and to confidently know the difference between intuition and critical mind. As you practice this you deepen your familiarity with how intuition speaks to you and how to consciously access it in other areas of your life. As we paint, so we do life.

     It isn’t about painting only that which makes you happy or only abstract or using “techniques” that access the right brain.  It is about exploring your inner landscape and not putting rules around what gets to show up or not. It is the practice of getting out of your own way and experiencing the moment. It is an active, reciprocal dialogue between you and your consciousness, and because of its holistic nature⎯your heart, head, and body wisdom are all activated in the process⎯there is no quicker way I know of to get at the truth of What Is.

     I caution that this is not about figuring out what the painting means. The painting and the Invisible(s) will speak to you about meaning, or not.  This is a practice of no meaning and allowing the experience to speak for itself. How cool is that?!? It’s just you and your intuitive Self painting – that’s it.

    What do I mean by painting with the Invisibles? I mean working with the unseen but felt energy in back of all that you think you know so that truth can come forth. The revelation is instantaneous, what you do with the revelation is up to you. But once revealed, there is no going back.


download a full color pdf with expanded information about the workshop.


Painting with the Invisible(s)

        Intro to the Art of Intuitive Painting




    February 27, 2016

    9:30 am-4:00 pm

    Shoreline, WA

 Cost: - $60,    
    includes unlimited supplies
    and yummy lunch

    limited to ten participants


Please email me with questions: